Why Choose Us?

Industry Knowledge

We are established with more than 20 years of collective recruitment experience in 3 focus areas (Engineering, Finance & ICT), your needs are best met in a timely manner when addressed by specialists, our process is complemented by advisory services to our clients to aid them in preparing for an ever changing market place.


Like the “consistency of quality results” generated by BTM Solutions, to be consistently successful in today’s incredibly competitive battle for top talent means that a company needs to have a well-defined, time-tested, and market-proven process in place that has consistently demonstrated the ability to produce top results.

Cultivate Passive Candidate Network

We have built and continuously cultivate industry based and regional network leaders.  It is from these relationships that we receive the majority of our passive candidate referrals at all levels.

Thorough Process

Amongst other process, we also require interested candidates to submit to us written narratives aligning their background, in their own words, to the opportunity.  This creates a high hurdle rate early in the process in order to minimize later exit due to non-interest.  To provide you with unbiased data that allows for a true evaluation of candidate fit.


Through our subsidiary company (Beedhub) www.beedhub.com, we are able to resolve even your most urgent talent problem, by providing readily available professionals for fixed term contracts.